What a day!

Began this morning with a good cuppa strong prezzo coffee and secretly in my room watched an animated little Christmas movie 🤫🎄. I had a kind of morning where one need a little extra nurturing and cozy ambiance. So what a lady gotta do? She gotta to create it herself.

This settled the mood for the rest of my day ♥️

Waiting for Sunday mass to begin

Clock turned 10 AM. My daughter and I, both of us in dress and cardigan, left for Church. We lit candles and shared a really nice time and communion with the congregation and our pastor, I love his sermons, they’re always so ”spot on” ♥️

As if this wasn’t enough. Mr Torbjörn invited me to lunch at the old café just around the corner of my house. I had a creamy beetroot salad & meatball sandwich with pickled cucumber. A cuppa hot chocolate with whipped cream and a small sugarfree shortbread jam cookie 🥰. We flipped through the weekly and just enjoyed a quiet moment together.

It’s all slowly going back to normal now here on our island. When fall comes the tourists leave and calm settles over the world again.

I wish you a blessed and relaxed Sunday xx 🙏🏼💕


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