Oh what a morning!

Dear diary, today I woke up early at 04 am. I’ve recently rediscovered the delight of an old-fashioned oatmeal breakfast so I made my coffee and the above mentioned porridge. What made it so extra special today was the topping of the applesauce my daughter and I made the other day. We were out on Saturday morning picking the apples and some blackberries in one of the village gardens. My daughter afterwards sitting in the kitchen sofa peeled and sliced apples for about four hours whilst listening to music. Then, using my wooden spoon, I took care of the sauce making itself. We both find simple pleasure like this being the most luxorious ones, they give sparkle to absolutely any day of the week.

What a treasure it is picking fall apples

Back to this morning, whilst I sat there calmly in my velvet armchair, eating my breakfast Mr Torbjörn sent me a message with a photo he took, on his way to work, of some beautiful mushrooms that had come up over night in the middle of his yard 😍. I had no choice but to go harvest and bring them home for preserving. It may take hours to brush them clean from soil and to cut, fry and freeze them. But it doesn’t matter, it can take all the time it needs ♥️

Mushroom harvest at its best

Whilst it was slowly simmering in the pot, I took the opportunity to give the bathroom a thorough cleaning. Uhm…and writing this I realize I have laundry in the washing machine so until next time, goodbye dear diary. xx


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