A life in God

Coffee, Book of revelation, oatmeal & homemade apple sauce. My favourite kind of morning 😊

Early morning coffee by my window

Today the mushroom basket was brought out of the storageroom after having rested since last fall. My daughter and I (along with Dwight the kitten) took a long walk down to the sea and picked ourselves some beautiful meadow mushrooms along the way. Our good boy Dwight walked 2 kilometers on the leash and all the way out on the long jetty over the almost storming sea where my daughter decided she should swim. And so she did for about half an hour in the big waves in a water that was only 10 degrees warm (Celsius).

~I love watching her indulging her life~

After leaving Dwight at home we had a very nice slow lunch at the cozy bakery around the corner. We also went grocery shopping and well back home it was time to take care of the mushrooms. I packed some for my son to take home and fried the rest in butter which we enjoyed with crispbread and each cuppa coffee in the kitchen sofa.

~This day is a wonder~

We warmed ourselves with
hot cocoa & cream at the bakery
Meadow mushrooms

One might think that everything is red like roses, but it’s not. There is a lot going on that’s not visible to the outside world. To explain a bit of it, Mr now has his own place, we’re still as strongly welded together as before but my home is so small (tho very cozy!) and we had to make the choice to free up space for everyone to feel their best. We deal with illness, not one but more. It feels like we have appointments at the doctors office at least once a week and we do, sometimes two and even three. And my economy is, let’s say minimal. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Tho when I say that my life is beautiful, it’s not make believe, it really is! When I sit in my little velvet armchair by the window in the little room that is my own. With the Bible in my lap and the coffee cup in my hand, I feel bliss. There’s nothing more I want in that moment. What I actually have, in that moment, is everything. A whole world existing in my own room. Life is beautiful. God made it that way.

It isn’t always easy, the world as we know it is falling apart. And it’s going fast. But what I choose is life. That is not man made, it’s God’s creation. And that right there. Is beautiful and it’s peaceful and I enjoy it so much my heart is spilling over.

I don’t just look at leaves when I walk past them. I feel the leaf, with all my senses and as I walk past a bush I stroke it with my hand. This is my way, and how I walk thru the life that I have been given.

You can imagine how many wonderful moments an ordinary day bring 💕

Evening has come over my island and it’s time to say good night dear little diary. I’ll see you tomorrow xx

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