A beautiful day again, thank you dear God I’m so thankful Halleluja! A splendid, quiet morning with my friends ”cuppa coffee & the velvet armchair”. Still on Revelations, it really is a book that need reflection and re-reading. Amen!

Bible study

A friend texted me and needed someone to take her dog for a little while. My youngest, (18), and I strolled for about an hour in the invigorating crisp air of fall ♥️🍂 I suspected we would find mushrooms on our way along the shore and in the little pine forest. And yes I was right! I prepared them direct when we got home. We both just love harvesting in the wild so this was a happy morning.

Mushrooms rensed and ready for the skillet

It was time to leave our dog buddy back to her mom. She surprised us with a thank you gift 🎁 I’m extra happy for the fine locally produced rapeseed oil with garlic & chili! Thank you Anna 🙏🏼 I used it for today’s supper when I dripped it over the rice, and it was so good. It made the rice a dish of perfection that I served with a delicious chicken and cherry tomato stew seasoned with onion, rosemary, bay leaf and cream.

Chicken stew before adding the cream

The afternoon was spent together with my daughter and little Dwight. A walk and a grocery shopping trip, also did I have time for a longer conversation with my eldest about Gods words, our Lord’s teachings and about really letting the words being kept alive in our actions. Daily actions. In a life in the living creation of God’s church. Amen

A very beautiful day, I’m so grateful.

Dear diary I bid you a good night in sweet dreams x


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