Today I’m thankful for the beautiful nature God created. Here on the island it’s relatively well preserved. It gives me so much joy, and serenity in a day like today, where life really felt quiet too much.

My soul was restless when I woke up so I went for a little walk in the chilly morning hours. The formation of the clouds and the light/shadow the sun created rising woke my senses and placed my feet on the ground exactly where they should be.


By the time I got home it was time for coffee and Bible study. The Book of Revelation is certainly not to be read quickly but calmly and meditatively. I pondered, for what felt like quiet a long while over 16:12. In such deep reflections it’s important to respect one’s current capacity over how much mind bending one can handle. Our senses, at least mine, can really only take a certain amount of depth at the time. Respect like that is love in motion. As it give us a chance to move inside the living word of God our Father.


It was now the middle of the day and time had come to take the basket under my arm to go and harvest mushrooms. I enjoy to let it take time. I know exactly where the mushrooms grow. I fold the skirt under me and in that way, sitting on my knees, I then carefully pick one at a time . Check that it is the right type and then carefully put it in the basket. Sun was high and an eagle was circling high in the sky. It was just the two of us there but as I was getting ready to return home a woman came walking on the path. She was curious about what I was doing. She came from Macedonia and she told me about how her father used to pick mushrooms when she was a little girl. It was a really good childhood memory so I showed her how to recognize which meadow mushroom to pick. The joy of seeing her kneeling down on the grass and pick just as I do made me turn around to watch as I walked home over the field.

Gratitude for the gifts of our Almighty Father is infinite

And now, dear diary, until tomorrow, I bid you a good night xx


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