The love of routine

Tuesday 15/9-21

Sitting in the armchair having my coffee & oatmeal as I do every morning ☕️. Planning for today’s mushroom harvesting. As I saw a sign of my favourite mushroom popping up a day ago, where they usually don’t grow, I knew where the steps would take me this very day.

In the stillness of the early hour a slow morning stroll with my sweet friend Dwight the kitten. After leaving him home and with the basket under my arm I thus went, quite excited, to my best Ink cap mushroom place where so far this fall they havn’t yet shown. But my guessing was right! Now there where white little hats showing everywhere and one and a half hour later with the basket full I returned home.

Common ink cap mushroom 🍄

These little fellas are a bit different to many other mushrooms as they very quickly can turn mushy and as the name says they, literally, become like black wet ink. So these has to be taken care of as soon as possible. I put on some soft jazz in the kitchen, poured myself a cuppa coffee and began to clean and heating them up to remove the water from them. After they cooled I put them in the freezer portion packaged. All of them except from one plate that I saved for lunch ♥️ when I’m done we’ll have so much free food to last us for a whole year. Very pleasant chore for a tired mind I must say.

It tastes so good it’s almost ridiculous

At 2 in the afternoon together with my youngest I visited our church which is a very social one. We were treated to coffee and baked goods ♥️. One of our pastors was there and around small tables and in sofas parishioners sat cheerfully chatting. We got a bag of apples to take home. Together with these and a few pears I picked earlier my daughter now cooked a yummy apple/pear sauce 🍎. Just like the mushrooms now portioned and put in the freezer.

Apple & pear

My daughter and I rounded this day up with evening Mass, Communion and Bible study group on the theme of ”Death & Life” before the coming Mass on the sixteenth Sunday after the Trinity. A theme that I think is In a way both sad and heartwarming.

Many would call this plain, boring and rather a meaningless day. I call it bliss. We do have a lot of difficulties and we have baggage. But life itself is so beautiful. Tomorrow is another day. We’ll travel over to the mainland hospital for two different appointments. But by living a life in God much more than living in the world’s there’s so much beauty and goodness in every little thing. I find myself often mesmerized by the world of eternal love that opens up precisely the day you consciously choose to walk alongside with The Lord. It’s not fairy tales, it’s the truth. Never alone.

Isaiah 26:19 ”Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead”



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