Not everything is roses

I had to take the early bus to arrive on mainland in time for the doctor’s appointment. They would check how my pacemaker works and everything looked good thank God.

The scar after the little machine that saved my life.

I remember the day of the surgery like it was yesterday. It took several hours due to heavy bleeding. And the pain afterwards was horrible. In about ten years I’ll have to change it for a new one, I’m not looking forward to it.

Today is a day of wind and rain 😊 little Dwight goes berserk if he’s not allowed to go out for his strolls and to explore his future territory. After a good half an hour we were both soaking wet!

Soaked from the heavy rain

but that didn’t matter. We had a fun time and I even picked some apples and pears that had blown down from the trees. I’ll save them and wait until I’ve got enough to make another batch of apple & pear sauce. It’s eaten quickly here at home ♥️

My evening has been calm and I hope yours is the same.

Good night for today, may God bless you and keep you all safe thru the night xx


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