A blessed rainy autumn day

This kitten keeps me awake with its mischief at night. But when I (finally he thought!) got up I still took my coffee with me and went out nicely with him, in the rain, on his long-awaited morning stroll. He has a good life ♥️

The best feeling

I had my little morning routine and then went to church for morning prayer. We were two women there, me and Kristina, it was nice. We stayed pretty long afterwards in coversations about God and life. The scent of warm wax candles along with the serenity of the church is so cherishing. I’m so grateful it’s a part of my life. Thank you O Lord.

Torbjörn is off work today and we have planned for a day together. We walked (in the rain) across the meadow, in the wet grass and down to the sea shore. We also visited my special ink cap place where it was now full of mushrooms again even though it was only three days since I was there. I have no clue how many kilos we brought home with us but my basket (my late grandmother’s) started to crack a little ☺️ and it took me and my daughter a good three hours to prepare them all for the freezer. As usual we listened to jazz and sipped on our coffee meanwhile 🥰. Oh these simple joys Lord, these simple joys. Thank You, thank You, thank You 🙏🏼

What a gift it is

Quite sore feet after all standing but I still had grocery shopping left on my ”to do list” but before that Mr Torbjörn invited me to afternoon tea at the bakery, though I had hot cocoa & whipped cream and he had his coffee ☺️

A visit to the bakery

I give thanks to you God for all the amazing gifts my days are permeated by. I appreciate every single moment I’m given.

Good night from the island xx


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