What more could you need than this

The last few days has been an intense delight. We’ve appreciated the opportunity we were given to pick so much fruit in a neighbor’s lush garden. Fruit that would otherwise be wasted, just like weeds and that’d be such a shame. I’m blessed with a daughter that is at least as fond as I am of finding, harvesting and preserving all the riches of nature God has created for us to have.

A day ago we picked two baskets of plums and turned these into 7 kilos of purple cinnamon and star anise seasoned plum jam. What a treasure!

I’m in love with this spice, it’s shape is so beautiful

When we stand next to each other at the kitchen counter, washing and polishing fruit while the pot is simmering. We have coffee in our cups, soft jazz playing in the background and she hums along. The whole house is filled with a warm sweet scent and she says to me

-What more could you need than this…


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