Over the misty meadow

Tuesday 21/9 in the year of The Lord

I don’t know where to begin. This day has been a wonder. A very tired day, tired in my body and tired in my head but the day has been woundrous. I use my mind and emotions a lot maybe to much. But though my children are young adults and two of them still lives at home I am needed so I will make myself as accessible as I can. Alone-time is so very important, for all I’d say. Well I could write about that specific topic for any length of time but let’s do that another day..

Daily bread fresh from the tree

I am so happy for the small things in life because they are nothing but wonders in disguise.

My daughter and I both tired after an intense week decided to take today’s morning walk together. Over the misty meadow down to the seashore. The water was cold and the air windy but we sat down on a rock for a while and just took in the wondrous moment and let it freeze in time. Two beautiful little jellyfish was stranded so we carried them down back in to the water. Dwight found a large feather of a swan. Add it to a piece of a sandy beach and you have yourself a very happy kitten 🥰 I am so greatful for the all these things in life. In my world they are nothing but wonders in disguise. My children have inherited that ability from me and has similar way of experiencing life. Thank you O dear God for that.

Morning by the Baltic Sea

The afternoon has been filled with activity. Portion packing all the mushrooms we prepared yesterday as well as the 7 kilos of jam we made and left to cool in the patio. A visit, together with my youngest son, to church where someone gave me a surprise gift that I really really needed in this precise moment. A truly helping hand sent by God’s grace Amen!

Cardamom gold

My daughter is a great baker and she stayed home in the kitchen making the perfect cardamom buns from scratch. So today I, snuggled up in the sofa and under my blanket, had coffee and warm buns for supper ☺️ I tell you, it’s cherishing for a tired well-used soul.

We’ve been working so hard with the long procedures of walking back and forth to the gardens, harvest, preparing, packaging and defrosting the freezer and throwing away old things from the boxes to make place for all these new wonderful things we’ve been given. So tonight we won’t have energy enough to participate in evening mass and communion, I wish we where but we better make a really early bedtime. Tomorrow is another kinda day. (We’re all about contrasts). I’ll travel 🚌 to mainland for another doctor’s appointment. I hope it all goes smooth.

Good night from Sweden, and may The Lord bless you xx

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