An extraordinary Saturday

Mr Torbjörn and I traveled over the water to the mainland for a visit to the old Castle and had the most glorious day together! 🌸💕

~ ~ ~

After getting of at the station the first thing we did was essential. We went straight to a small exclusive coffee shop where Mr ordered lattes to go & handmade nougat pralines for us both and off we strolled to our destination!

We had so much fun this day, I don’t know where to begin so I’ll just describe it by the photos we took.

Mr himself
Never too old to play
The castle church so beautiful
Medieval dinner
Prepared in this kitchen
By the window
One step closer to the stars
The cutest little house, photo taken from the top of the ring wall
Arranging the night sky
A piece of Narnia…
Final adjustments of the moon
We ended our tour by Mr treating me to an exquisite afternoon meal at the castle restaurant where he ordered grilled sourdough sandwich with smoked wild boar and well-aged cheese from our island. Guess who felt very pampered 🥰
When I arrived home in the late afternoon, my daughter had been in the kitchen making her scrumptious shortbread cookies with the filling of the plum jam we made together last weekend. So buttery ☕️



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