Stairway to heaven

My diary is different now from how it was just one year ago. Since I took the step into a life more consciously focused on God, my inner self and way of living has changed. I won’t go deeper in explaining the process in today’s diary. I just wanted to mention this.

Monday morning devotion at church

I havn’t watched actual TV in many years. But streaming movies is another thing, I’ve done that quite a lot. Right now I’m in the process of breaking that form of relaxation to instead read books, especially about Christianity and vocation. Or just to contemplate and being in complete silence both at home or in the nature. I see this in a way also, as a way, of learning better self-discipline. For this I pray to The Lord for His guidance in the way of the Holy light.

Early morning at church

Today has been a quiet day, started in morning prayers at church together with Ann-kristine. It was lovely.

~ ~ ~

I had some grocery shopping to do and I also visited the library where I borrowed four books. I’m currently reading the book ”Stairway to heaven” by Sister Sofie, a nun in southern Sweden. She writes very honestly and with openness. Her story of her path that led her to monastic life is really captivating. I can recognize my own path in what she describes.

A stairway to heaven

I’ve read the entire afternoon and only stopped for making supper. Black rice and a veggie stew made of wild mushrooms, asparagus, onion and sourcream. Completed with a big spoon of pickled carrots that I made last spring.

Supper in the making
Black rice with meadow mushroom & asparagus stew

Today’s diary isn’t very long but my day has been filled with purpose and it’s now time to say good night. Sleep well friends all over the world 🙏🏼



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