Autumn Tuesday 🍂

Tuesday 28/9 -21

Such beautiful autumn day. Crisp air and colors everywhere. Early morning hour. I brushed my hair and tied the scarf. Put on my cardigan over the dress. Walked to the Church and started the day with my friends in morning prayer. To get up early and celebrate a new day in praising and prayer is a blessing. A gift of togetherness, contemplation, love and discipline which I think is an important quality to grow.

Candles lit. The altar in early morning

Well back home and after breakfast I just knew that new mushrooms would have had time to come up on my favourite meadow since I was last there. I put on my boots, took my basket (as always), my small knife and brush, carried it under my arm and strolled off. Out in the wind, over dewy grass, through the pine forest and away to the sea. If only I could describe the feeling of silence and freedom that rests over that place. I wish I could give a piece of it to you…

Along with the silence that my soul craves, I found my mushroom where I knew it would be waiting.

Ink caps
Macrolepiota procera. The King of the forest
Archetypical mushroom picker 😉

Whith a now much heavier basket I strutted home and when I opened the door our whole house was filled with the scent of apples. My beloved daughter had started today’s apple sauce making of the last of the apples we picked last weekend!

Apple sauce in the making. This was transformed during the afternoon into five large jars of homemade goodness 🍎

On Tuesdays, my youngest and I visit the Parish home together at two o’ clock. We meet up with friends from the congregation for coffee and cake. Usually we don’t stay very long but it’s very nice, everyone is so nice and kind.

Lars our Pastor at the evening mass before communion

No need for many words. It was a special evening. Special in the way that there was such a warm atmosphere, especially in the Bible study group afterwards. Many important topics, many deep thoughts, emotions, stories and good laughs.

All in all three visits to the church today 😀

Maybe not so interesting for others to read but since this is my diary I write about what’s important to me 😊

I’m so humbled and grateful for this day Lord I don’t know how I could live without you.



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