Days at the hospital

Wednesday 29/9, and Thursday 30/9-21

Not every day is mushroom picking, church community and nice walks. But I do believe that these contrasts in fact complements eachother in being a circle of life.

~ ~ ~


The alarm set on 6 AM for me and one of my young ones. We took the early bus 🚌 to the mainland and to a doctor’s appointment. These travels are a bit tiredsome as they take about an hour each way. But as I don’t drive I can turn these hours to something rather cozy. I often bring a ”coffee to go” and a book. And the scenery alone are really something pleasant and fun to rest your eyes on.

Just a plain little ”bus-over-the-bridge” photo

Everything went well at the appointment. And we even had time for a little ”adventure” before returning home so we walked to the city shopping mall which is something rather exotic for us islanders. It was my daughter doing the shopping and even something for me as my birthday is coming up 💝😁

~ ~ ~

The last stop before the trip home was a visit to the Espresso house where I after a lot of curiousity finally got to taste the Pumpkin spice latte. Topped with cream and cinnamon sprinkles ☕️💖 it was so nice to sit down together for a while after the busy morning.

I spent this rather long day knowing that the next day (Thursday) I would make the exact same trip but this time with one of my sons. And in just 3 days, on both Monday and Tuesday as well, it’s time again, for new visits to the hospital. When days like these line up in front of you lika a string of pearls. The genuine knowledge of God’s love, and the ability to turn the best of what you’ve been dealt, is absolutely crucial to how bright or dark your day will unfold. No matter how difficult it is to have to see your own children in the hospital environment. Amen


Once a mom always a mom. And a mom gotta do what a mom gotta do. It’s the law carved in stone.


In the city. Fall at its best…🍂

On Thursday at the next appointment, everything went well. And I surprised him with a really nice breakfast at a café that, as a bonus, allows dogs to enter and to sometimes cuddle with. He ordered a cheezy warm toast and a cuppa hot chocolate 😛. Well back home I spent the rest of the day under my comforting green blanket in my own corner and diving into my books! 📖



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