Saturday 2/10 -21

I stand barefoot in my little world whilst the big world rages and rushes past behind me. I will never turn around to look at what I left. I know where I am. On the deep ancient path of light. With me I carry oil for my lamp.

I woke up at 5 this morning. As the sun rose I once again went with the basket down to the meadow to find beautifully created white round mushrooms. And there they where. Growing with the rising sun.

As the sun rose…

I met a lady walking her cuddly pups. And two other ladies in their robes on their way down to the beach for a really cold morning swim. I wish I was as brave as them ♥️

Brave ladies in October

O all the wonderful colors everywhere now! Do you take beautiful leaves home to put on the kitchen window? I do 😊

~ ~ ~

I walked past a beautiful garden where I took this photo. Ivy in its countless warm colors truly is like nature’s own jewelry 💖

~ ~ ~

So grateful for these riches!

The wind along with the long walk gave me very rosy cheeks 😀

~ ~ ~

Still very early when I returned home. Warm coffe I had prepared earlier now waiting for me in its kettle. I was hungry and had longed for apple compote and creamy oat milk all morning. So I took a bowl of this homemade extravagance with me upstairs to the sofa and blanket. This feeling of satisfaction cannot be described, it has to be lived. I’m so thankful for this richness.

I thank thee Lord for every single minute you giveth me. And for the air that I breath


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