Sunday in The Holy Spirit

Sunday 3/10-21

Village Pentecostal

An early morning stroll with little Dwight. I picked some delicious winter apples that now adorns our kitchen counter. Then breakfast and a warm bath before going to church. We had the most amazing service and communion. I’m still moved by the warm Lord praising atmosphere. Afterwards the pastor’s wife put her hands on and prayed for whoever wanted. I did, it’s such a special and undescribable feeling to pray that way that I really like ♥️

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly

Here on the island a harvest festival is celebrated all week long. In addition to all the farmers, many artists and craftsmen live here. Here’s also a lot of small local farm producers and shops. All of these open and everything is adorned by straw bales, pumpkins and candles while music is played in the streets and squares.

Candied winter apples

Tourists make a pilgrimage here from near and far.

Harvest festival decorations

This was reflected in today’s church afternoon coffee. There where three different sorts of home-baked treats made by one of the ladies. Carrot cake with creamcheese frosting, blueberry cake & applepie with cream. In this church the afternoon coffee is counted as a part of the service where we not only share bread with each other but continue in conversation. One easy feels genuinely welcome and included in this congregation. We’re so blessed to have two fine living churches in our village and there is always something going on.

On my way home among swirling leaves…
A place to rest outside one of the small art galleries

~ ~ ~

My eldest son is very active in church and in the social work that the church stands for. Late last night, about 11 PM, he and the pastor were out evangelizing. They brought with them thermoses with hot cocoa & sandwiches inviting passing youths to conversation. So he was a bit tired when I met him at church today 😅. I love him. I love how he responds to his vocation, and I love his passion to work in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

~ ~ ~


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