Mr Torbjörn

Wednesday 6/10-21

So ok, I guess you’ve noticed I jump between dates of writing. It’s because I have so much that I want to write about which means I have a shelf for drafts building up here ☺️ bear with me

The special person mentioned in the title is my real Knight in shiny bohemian armor. He stepped in, after I woke up from my 13 hour sleep, picked up the phone. Called and postponed the two remaining doctor’s appointment I would have this week. Thank you! What wheight he lifted off my shoulders! It felt like I could breath again!


My candle, for The Holy Spirit that I love so much

So I used my newfound freedom in the best way that I know of. And began my day in morning prayer together with friends at the church. Then I went out on a mushroom hunt which would prove to give me the absolute largest harvest of Ink Caps. Ever. Barely could I carry the basket all the way home but had to stop several times to rest my arm. And as I’ve said before, no apology is given. This specific mushroom must be taken care of and being preserved immediately or they’ll turn into black mushy ink in just an hour. My heart’s little helper offered me her assistance which I gladly accepted. Three hours, of mushroom washing-cutting-boiling of all the water-cooling-portion packaging tasks. Jazz listening, coffee cupping and four sore feet after standing by the kitchen counter, later. Finally we could declare all work complete.

One of today’s six full skillets. Preparing by boiling off the water
A couple of lovely snowball shrooms too 🥰
10 kilos of Coprinus Comatus aka Ink Caps

We took ourselves a well-earned rest before it was time for us to go down to the parish home to meet for lecture, conversations and supper with the Pastor and Bible study group.

Two and a half hours later. Mind turned off in to sleep mode. It was time to enter the night.

~Talk about having a full day~


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