More hospital visits…

Monday 4/10-21

The stomach ached and the heart pounded in anxiety. I really did not want to go to the hospital today but I had no choice. So away to the mainland again.


It was probably one of the strangest doctor visits I’ve been to. It felt like the Dr had taken sleeping pills in the morning as he mumbled and yawned a little apathetically. In any case, we got it done what I came in to do. The familiar feeling of relief afterwards didn’t want to show up. I’d hoped to go home with a light heart but that didn’t happen. Probably because of how strange the doctor acted. He made me feel very uncomfortable.

The moment I stepped out of his office…
By the station
The warm little coffee mug gave me comfort…

Finally I sat down on the bus. On the bridge crossing the sea and with the coffee in my hand I looked out the window and there was a seal! I love seals I rarely see one.

And finally I arrived home, back in the village and in under my blanket

~ ~ ~

Tuesday 5/10-21

Up and catch the early bus over again, just like yesterday. We had some time between the two buses we have to take to get to the hospital so my son had the luxury of breakfast at the café. Hot cocoa and grilled cheese sandwich, because shrimp sandwich, which happens to be his favourite, just isn’t for breakfast. Not in my world ☺️

Breakfast at the station’s great café

I had ”alone-time” in the waiting room for about an hour so I enjoyed my own sandwich there, in the not so cozy waiting room corridor 😬 but that’s alright ☕️☺️


Emotionally I started to get seriously drained. This was the fourth Dr’s appointment in just six days and we had two left this week. Each trip is one hour, so it’s two hours every time.

We got off the bus a few stops before the station and walked the small roads through the city.

Taking the small road…
Old King’s Street

Realizing my son had never been to the castle we decided to make a visit before returning home to our island. We had a really nice moment together, just the two of us in the middle of the world rushing past

At the castle ring wall
Pondering the architecture
Castle church always as beautiful…

When we arrived home in the afternoon I fell asleep at 3 pm. I slept for 13 hours.

~ Love conquers all ~


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