Just a tired mom…

Monday 11/10-21

Not much to say, just that I havn’t slept. It’s mid-day. I’m on my way to the mainland and the hospital again with one of my young ones. Today’s Monday, on wednesday we have 2 different appointments and thursday another so we’ll be travelling a lot. Many many hours back and forth. I feel sad… not much to say at all

Just a very tired mom wearing a silly looking mask
Only 2 hours left until we can begin our journey back home
A little comfort for my soul and mind
Outside my bus window

I’m just silent….

2 reaktioner på ”Just a tired mom…

  1. I hope you feel better soon. I saw this yesterday and it really helped me: “Grief will succeed joy, and joy, grief, just as night follows day. This is how the Father of lights has established the path of those who are being saved. Just have patience and hope: engrave these in the depths of your heart-with these, all adversities will be faced.”

    ~Elder Ephraim of Arizona

    God bless you and prayers to you x

    Gillad av 2 personer


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