Fever. And the covid test is so not pleasant! 😬

I’ve started several diary posts this week but they’re still on the drafts shelf. My brain just isn’t working! I suspect the reason is, though I didn’t realize it until yesterday, that I actually have a flu going on! In the midst of everything 🙂 My thinking ability is so low when the fever sets in. But I will not put another post on the shelf however this one is going to be short, stumbling & weird.

No hiding here, I feel exactly as alert as I look 👍

So no excuse. I booked an appointment and went down to the health center at 12 o’clock and got it done….

– The dreaded ”swab-up-in the nose test!!

When I got back home I sursprised my little nose with a cute ribbon 🎀 just to make it feel a little bit better about itself (but mostly to put a smile on your face) 😉

An ancient cure for a sore nose
My buddy and I

My current status is watching a reasonably slow movie together with Dwight the kitten sleeping at my feet. Whilst I at the same time deal with my strong craving for chilled chocolate pudding.

My current ”cuppa tea” 🎞
Comfort food

I can’t find absolutely anything to write about. My head is like an empty shell. And so far this extremely uninteresting babble has taken me about an hour to write ☺️

~That’s great, what an achievement!~

But hey! at least I did it. I did NOT take up any more space on the drafts shelf. And that oughta count as something? xx


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