A shout out to my brothers and sisters!

I stay away from news, youtube holes, TV etc to 100% (I think). And FB as much as I can. But today I got stuck in a ”watch” thing on facebook whilst looking thru my ”memories” saved in the flow. It started with a very funny 3 minute long video. But what followed next…

Suddenly all my senses got washed by child abductors, molesters, murder etc. All horrors created by the dark one. I was stucked for an hour.

I feel so physically sick, violated!


I went down to the kitchen to talk to my eldest and Christ following son about what happened. He’s a rock.


I will fight not to fall in this dark trap again!

I already know all the horrors of this world. I cry for those who are being hurt. I pray daily and I speak to Our Lord. I strive daily to keep that room inside me wide open for The Holy Spirit to live and work in me. So staying away from the never ending flow of horrible news isn’t in any way the same thing as ignoring. I help others as much as I can. I help elderly people, I smile and talk to those I see are lonely people. I give my life to helping my children. This is my purpose in the world. The only way I can do this is by constantly staying in contact with God Almighty and let nothing interrupt.

Water is life-bringing. Create good rings on the water

I can not stray away for what is my duty in this life. In this man made world as in The Kingdom Of Our God.


Would be serious ignorance and neglect.

Keep your focus on the light

I feel so sick and shaken into my core. Today will be a day of separation. Hard barefoot work to get back to the ground. To hold the room inside my chest wide open for His work.

There’s a serious spiritual war going on.

Please don’t let your self be lured away. Your focus shall be in doing the work of Jesus, whatever it may be. If you’re a police officer you can’t possibly at the same time be a full-time mother homeschooling your children. Fulfill your duty, we all have our different chores. Honoring God with help of The Helper and the work that you do will be equally as important as your brother’s or sister’s


God bless you in your daily chores dear, dear beloved ones 🙏🏼

Let us keep His Temple strong

Hold hands, stand firm together



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