Slow, slow living & healing of wounds

Sunday 23/10

I’ve been sleeping, more or less, ever since we got back from the hospital last Friday. I remember nothing from the time we got off the bus back home in the village. I can’t even approach in thought the crisis we experienced.

Dawn seen from the bus window

It feels like I’m returning to that moment over and over again so I must not think or feel to much. It happens in everything we say or do. It’s like PTSD from the PTSD…

I’m so grateful I have family around me. We’re not many but we’re close. And that’s the only thing that matters ♥️

Mr Torbjörn

This morning at 4 am you came to my aid. Without hesitation you left your warm nest, walked the dark silent streets to come to me ♥️ that’s how my day started with your wings carrying me through the wake up.

My youngest was still asleep after a late Saturday night but Eulalia and I further into the day both longed for a walk. The morning was cold. A woolen cardigan and knitted scarf kinda morning. We walked across the cemetery with Dwight on the leash.

So quiet, so still, so serene

Grandmas basket on the old mossy
cemetery wall

The grass was frosty but we still found a lot of mushrooms at the meadow. Enough for us to carry a heavy basket home. We picked not only for ourselves but also a basket for a neighboring family which is very nice.

For the neighbors

We steered our steps down to the shore and the dogs beach. Little Dwight is so happy with so much sand to play and dig in. Eulalia sat on a rock and watched him when suddenly we saw something neither of us had seen before in these waters surrounding the village. A seal. We’ve seen a few from over the bridge but it’s far from here.

I tried to catch him with my camera but he was too far away. I got one small pic of him laying on a rock. The black banana shaped thing in the background. A blurry one… 🙂

Seal at the horizon

Fishermen’s cottages. Whisper about times gone by. Whispers that play on strings one carry within

~ ~ ~

For supper we simply had sourdough bread sandwiches with pan seared mushrooms and zucchini. The taste was so good. Like the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

How good is it not for a soul. When evening comes to savour the harvest of ones own work?🙏🏼

Night is coming. I bid you a good one all the way from my island x


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