When friends gives you sparkle for Birthday ☺️

Monday 18/10-21

I like my Birthdays calm and relaxed. This time we did something unexpected, though still very easy and relaxed.
But first Eulalia gave me breakfast in bed whilst singing 🎶 🥰 and really pampered me 💝

Afterwards, very spontaneous, we left with the bus 🚌 for a nice day together on mainland.

Early Birthday morning

Our plan was to visit the art exhibition ”Beyond The Horizon” by Swedish artist Erik Johansson.
It was a part of a Birthday present given by sweet friends that made this possible. This Sparkle-Birthday outing together with, for me, the most important young woman in the world my daughter Eulalia 💕🖼🎉.

So thank you Athena, Becky, Lina, Lori, Ann and Jenny for your generous gift 🙏🏼. You all are amazing and I’m overwhealmed. My young ones here at home were so happy about this. I have still enough left for more special quality-time moments 😊. And thank you Mr Torbjörn, for the bus tickets 🎟 🚌

I captured her in one of the installations

We spent an hour pondering over the art and the man behind it. Then we, without any hurry or must-do’s, walked thru each room in the castle.

Last but not least we went out on the courtyard and stepped over the threshold and through an open thick wooden door to the public, recently unlocked castle kitchen which we learned once upon a time was four storeys large! And O did we feel the wings of time inside of these walls! We both said the whole experience was amazing.

Cast iron and venison
Kitchen maid ☺️
The kitchen’s first room
Every detail is so beautiful and well preserved
The girl In the castle window

We took a moment afterwards to stroll around the old cemetery which happen to be one of the most beautiful we know. Completely irresistible in its autumn garb

The perfect end of the perfect Birthday outing! And after the walk to the station it should be really nice to come home again. To get on the bus, chat a bit with the familiar driver before rolling through the countryside all the way back to the village

On her way home

Mr Torbjörn came after work in the evening and he brought presents! ☺️ 🎁♥️ He gave me a giftcard from one of the best masseurs in the village. A yoga mat as I, after a long break, intend to start exercising again. A book I’ve wanted to read but not found in the library. The ”Augustinus confessions” and now I have a copy of my own. He also gave me a small breakfast tray with old-fashioned painted roses. You’re so thoughtful.

How half I’d feel without you…

So much better and enriching to read books than to stare at a TV screen

I bid you a good night xx


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