The resting place

So, this post I wrote 17/10-21 . Exactly two weeks ago come Sunday. The day before my birthday

I left about 11am with only my basket and bottle of water and no plan for how long I would be out wandering about the fields.

A favourite place of mine. By the sea under the grand wings of an old oak.
A resting place. Where one can withdraw from the world in solitude and silence

~ ~ ~

You can tell by just observing the ground, where the ink caps are getting fewer. That by every night that passes it gets colder and colder. Soon the meadow shrooms is also gone.

~and in a few weeks comes winter~

Time of stillness and at the same time for preparation. Preparation by gathering energy for the spring to come. And just as the bear rests in hibernation and tiny leaf rest, but slowly yet grow in its buds. Through the very same source. Our bodies follow the same rhythm that comes from the only existing light, in which, any other light has its origin.

Light that from many different sources. From the sun, and the fruit that absorbed it. From the darkness that give us many reasons to light candles and snuggle in warm blankets. To spend another kind of closeness with friends, church and family. Yes, light comes in various shapes, but light itself, in its origin comes from one source only. Our God The Almighty. Amen

Light in different manifestations

~ ~ ~

Tuesday 19/10-21 day after my birtday

My daughter and I just came in from a nice morning stroll in the dark with Dwight the kitten. We like it now that the autumn darkness is here and you can see all the lights that are not visible in daylight. It’s beautiful ♥️

The pumpkin

I woke up at 4 am. Made my prezzo and oatmeal. We still have a few jars of the apple sauce that we made and today we plan to visit the lady (and her pup) we often meet on our walks. She has a large apple tree in her garden and it’s branches hang heavily weighed down with the most wonderful dark red winter apples! We’re so happy that we may pick the apples for both her and for us as she can’t do it herself and we use a lot of apple sauce at home.

The wonderful gifts of autumn

Well… Our plan changed as it started to rain. Mr Torbjörn came and helped us with some paperwork and afterwards we ate lunch together just the two of us. Well earned together-time 😊.

As it’s Tuesday, together with a very nice young man (my youngest son) I left for curch later in the afternoon to meet some friends over a coffee. There is a table generously set up with sandwiches, pastries, fruit, coffee and tea ♥️☕️

again, we are blessed

One of the smaller tables at the parish home. Before we sit down and chatting take off

We had a great time with interesting conversations and good laughs. One and a half hour went by so fast. Whilst some of the others lingered we went home. And we were gifted a large bag of wonderful groceries (Plus a cute cellophane bag of homemade cinnamon bun crusts) thanks to the good work of the volunteers and people of the church with donations by local stores and bakeries for the church to give to families that need it sometimes (or more regularly). The fact that this community and these people are in our lives is something really precious. I am truly blessed




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