Various expressions of love

Friday 29/10 & Sunday 31/10-21

An organizing day ♥️ wash, fold and stow away brighter colored bed linen, curtains, tablecloths, kitchen towels, potholders etc and replace them piece by piece with freshly mangled textiles in (for me) traditional colors and patterns for late autumn to lead the way through the passage into winter.

Kitchen corner

~ ~ ~

After being invited to dinner out by Mr T, we went for a walk and I stayed the night at his house. He slept on the sofa as always when I’m there. He’s a genuin and the most true gentleman by heart ♥️

And the world stand still…
My day of rest at beloved Mr Torbjörn’s residence. My feet snuggled up on his lap 🥰

My daughter was at a party with friends on the mainland. Mr T always has the sound turned on his phone when she’s out. And she called in the middle of the night to be met by him at the station and accompanied all the way home. Then he walked back home to his where I was waiting. With a heart of a worried mom I could obviously not sleep that night ♥️

When a daughter is out at night, the mom sits in her nightgown in the middle of the night and waits anxiously.
Every single time…

How lucky we are she doesn’t go out so often. Just perfectly enough for a young lady. And her friends are great ♥️ when Mr T returned back home it was already kinda time for the first coffee brew of the slowly dawning new day.

On the early morning walk home from Mr Torbjörn’s. Everything is silence

~ ~ ~

Sunday 31/10

I’ve still not recovered after the total crash at the hospital the 22/10. So if the evening over at Mr’s was relaxing, Sunday was a day for even more serious rest. I more or less slept through the day. In the evening we had supper without me having to stand by the stove. I kept it simple yet it turned out really good.

Classic Swedish Meatballs, lettuce and a creamy beetroot salad on sweet herb bread

I pulled down the curtain. Said my good night and I love you’s. The sun had set

~ ~ ~


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