A Holy voice within

Friday 5/11-21

Today has been a good day 💕

I woke up about 2.30 pm. Made my coffee, took my blanket, reading glasses and Bible. Snuggled on the couch and enjoyed the early quiet morning,

3 am 🕯♥️

On a walk with Eulalia yesterday, suddenly I felt so so strongly in The Spirit. That I had to make the choice. Right there and at once. I either dig myself into grief over the emotionally draining situation we’ve ended up in, or I start building myself up and take care of myself. Photos below show what resting can look like. But now what I need to do is to coordinate my walks, chores and a new form of self-care.

More peace
Resting in my apron-in the kitchen sofa-whilst cooking-kinda peace

The above is what I already do. And now I’ll complete it by daily morning yoga, and once a week visit the swimming hall ♥️. I made a visit to the pharmacy and got vitamins for my hair and omega 3 & 6 for my brain.

Diet is already altered ♥️

Nourishment from Heavenly Father

I’ll add other changes. But no worries, I’ll do everything in a healthy pace that makes me stronger both mentally and physically.

Yes The Holy Spirit spoke to me, in a language so clear.

Today I have obeyed well. I get to learn how to multitask with the home, AND with myself .

In a new way

And I owe it all to God

Good night diary, see you tomorrow!


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