It was a beautiful August day

Friday 3/8-21 when it was still summer

Here on the island we have the most fascinating kind of public transport. Well I’m certain they have similar service on mainland but for us that don’t have a car this is pure luxury as our island is full of historical and beautiful places to see and experience that can’t be reached with ordinary bus. It’s out of their route, simply because the villages are so small and the nature sites so remote that no one or, perhaps occationaly, only one or two would go there by ordinary public transport.

The mini-bus. Or for us ”the adventure-bus” ☺️

The whole of Öland is a cultural landscape, the nature a piece of art with all its varying environments so my little family welcome this opportunity with open arms.

~ ~ ~

Yesterday we went on an adventure. The ticket for us three all together was 10 US dollar and that’s the total cost for 3 round-trip tickets! I can’t believe it, it’s almost to good to be true. It’s another thing to be grateful for and feeling blissed about ✨🍂✨

~Thank you dear God We feel Your blessing!~

Mr T, me & our youngest used this service to go visiting my late grandmother’s grave. She was born on the island but lived in Stockholm since many years when she passed. She loved her island so much, all the relatives, old friends and the cottage. My dad chose to order a hearse to drive her all the way home. An 8 hour long journey. To let her be buried here at the same cemetery where her parents and siblings rest.

An act of love and a tribute to her life and her roots

Autumn heather for our beloved grandmother Margit.

~ ~ ~

Mr knows so much about history, he’s like a walking library complete with bookshelves of old oake and chesterfield armchairs ☺️

A tiny library we found inside the church. With several hundreds years old books and Mr read it for us though it’s written in old language!

~ ~ ~

The altar

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Hourglass at the pulpit

~ ~ ~

An antique baptismal font along with some hazel twigs. In its simplicity form a beautiful piece of art

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Windmill. A signum for the island

~ ~ ~

My youngest has a special connection with animals. They are all drawn to him ♥️

~ ~ ~

I couldn’t resist on our walk through this tiny village to take a photo of this pretty view

~ ~ ~

There’s something irresistible about old gates. They speak. Not only to me I guess 💖
Just like old beautiful gates, old benches speak too. And this kind of wall runs through the entire landscape.

The whole tiny village is picturesque and strikingly beautiful.

~ ~ ~

Notice the small stone staircase. It was intended for those who where not baptized or had an illegitimate child etc. It was built just to the left of the real gate

~ ~ ~

So much red/pink colors in one pic!
Me & my youngest handsome son.
We miss you grandma Margit

In my basket this time where no mushrooms. Instead I had filled it with a tea thermos, egg sandwiches, biscuits & apple juice. We sat down on the grass next to grandmother’s resting place and shared a quiet picnic before it was time to go back home.

A full day together in August when it was still summer


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