The cat lady

Monday 1/11-21

Autumn is just on the verge of handing over for November. And then for winter to rule


Though nights are getting colder there are still mushrooms to be found, not baskets of them but I know where they live 😉 today was such a day that begins with a contemplative walk together with Dwight. Who when his paws got too cold instead rode in grandma’s old basket for a while. Can you imagine the middle-age lady wearing a chequered long skirt, red leather shoes, long dark red knitted cardigan with a brooch. A shawl around the long hair carrying a cat in a basket? No? Neither can I. But yet here I am. I’ve turned in to a cat lady. It just happened 😊 and I don’t mind.


I mean…how could I not appreciate to begin a day this way

~ ~ ~

We found a for me completely new kind of mushroom. Agaricus Augustus. There was specimens from all stages of growth. I put down the basket and sat down on the grass to study them thoroughly. I would not trade that moment for a ball on the finest castle in the world.

Augustus Agaricus or ”Kings Meadow Mushroom

I picked a few, brought them home where I double checked with someone who knows a lot about these matters.

Once you’ve harvested, no matter how small, gratefully prepare what you’ve recieved for storage. Do it with love

Every single day I wake up and rediscover the beauty in God’s creation. Life itself. Pure and spotless where the smallest things in fact are the greatest treasures. They’re ofcourse much harder to see if you’re broken down but still, they’re there in the corner of an eye.

~ ~ ~


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