The mother of the house

Tuesday 2/11

Early morning here as always at the housewife’s corner. Coffee in the kitchen and then started off with the first of today’s chores.

Taking care of all the carrots, potatoes, turnips, parsnips and various onions that where at the bottom of the fridge. Whilst I had my morning coffee and gently yet firm shooed, the very attention-craving, little Dwight away from running around my feet.

Little Master Meow-Much

And at the time of writing, a pot is slowly simmering what is to become a creamy soup for supper this evening. Made from the poor veggies I found in the bottom of the freezer.

Looks so unassuming

But then 8 hours later…🥕🥦🧄

The small abandoned vegetables turned into this!

~ ~ ~

Then I coarsely by hand ground most of the dried mushrooms from last year and put it in jars to make room for this year’s treasure. The powder is the perfect seasoning that gives that little extra touch to sauces and stews etc

It has such a rich earthy taste
The jars are cleaned beforehand with boiling water and dried thoroughly


While the soup was simmering in the slowcooker I took the opportunity to rearrange the kitchen cabinets. As my young ones (in some mysterious way) have now grown older, they each have a shelf in cabinet and fridge for their own groceries.

Its interesting to experience how even in the smallest things family and home change over time, I can only go with the flow whilst stand my ground as the mother of the house with all that entails. And always, in an ever changing way, will be though my children now are counted as young adults.

~ ~ ~


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