In the castle forest 🏰

Friday 12/11-21

A picnic outing day with the best ones in the world 😊. We walked along the paths of The Castle Wood. Silence was everywhere except sometimes from the rustling sound of small birds searching for food in the bushes. Even the air was completely still, neither the slightest sound nor the wind was there that day.

Little red riding hood

I had the basket with me as always and picked along the way both nettles and rosehips in different colors and sizes. Mr T and Lalia helped in the thickets ☺️

On one of the forest’s many wooden benches we sat down and I could serve sandwiches, gingerbread sponge cake and coffee. Just a few hundred meters in front of us stands the old huge castle ruin on its mountain and along with the sun gave us a beautiful view.

We walked the harbor road back and noticed the cute fishing boat that had the same name as a wonderful friend of mine, of course I had to pick up the camera and take a pic of it for her ☺️

Sweet rosehips
Nettles 🍃
Rinsed and ready for the oven set at 40 degrees Celsius

The evening was quiet and calm. I slept really well this night, without waking up, and for 10 whole hours 🥰. Those occasions are like wonderful wonderful gifts from above.

~And a heartfelt thank you is never wasted~

~ ~ ~


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