Winter fair and rice pudding

5/12-21. Few words, more photos again

Saturday morning. After we had our morning cuppa we put on our coats and went down to the winter fair that took place in the square. So many beautiful handmade wreaths to look at, all in different embellishments.

~ ~ ~

I like this one with the apple slices that look like stars in the middle

~ ~ ~

One of the three wreath binders
Traditional lucia buns with saffron. Chocolate truffels and homemade gingerbread cakes in different forms. she must have been up all night…


~ ~ ~

Pretty jars of pear & saffron marmalade made by the good gentleman above and his wife

And an exquisite mulled wine made from locally grown apples and spices. We indulged in a nice little bottle of this drink to enjoy on Christmas Eve. It’s actually the most delicious mulled wine I’ve ever tasted, Eulalia said the same thing. I think it’ll be equally appreciated by the Mr and the two young men at home.

~ ~ ~

Cheerful caroling on the village square 🎄
Very blurry, I had to make a pic out of the video Mr T made. But the little winter train is too cute not to be included in the diary, despite the picture quality
I find the scent of burning firewood so comforting
Among the other candles, we each lit a candle for grandpa 🕯

A wonderful devotion was held in church. And in the parish home, homemade rice pudding, coffee and mulled wine was served. Prepared with love, dairy cream and butter by Ann-Sofie, one of our deacons. So we stayed a while chatting with our friends around the table. When we left she gave us a pot full of pudding to take home. So heavenly kind-hearted ♥️

~ Healing of wounds in togetherness ~

This was a good day. A wonderful little winter day in smalltown

~ ~ ~

Good night little diary


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