The daily bread in all its forms… A perfect day!

Tuesday 8/12-21

Oh my! 🥰

~ ~ ~

Eulalia was to meet Maria in the parish home in the morning. She is a seamstress from Chile so Eulalia got to practice a little on her Spanish when Maria would teach her to crochet. It was so adorable!

Together 🙏🏼

~ ~ ~

Maria has made a nice pair of bright colored gloves and Eulalia wants to decorate them with a crocheted flower. So sweet ♥️

These wrist warmers in pure wool are mine and also made by Maria

~ ~ ~

While they where busy I took the opportunity to go for a walk, in the snow, with Pysen. A cute little dog I’ve taken care of daytime for a few days now. I’ve been missing the daily dog walks since Denji passed away almost a year ago. It’s very different from walking a cat and I had almost completely forgotten what it feels like.

Cat lady and now also titulated dog-walker. Down by the frosty pond by the harbor

Well back in the parish home some of us including the pastor, entered the church and held a devotional. I read for the first time in front of others a chapter from the Bible. That which speaks about the landowner, that became a King, and his servants. Afterwards Eulalia read a passage from another book. We all sang a hymn that not many of us knew the melody for but we didn’t let that stop us from singing so everyone did it with a smile on their face 😅🙏🏼


~ It was such a pleasant day ♥️ a day to remember ~

Women only ♥️

So much joy around the gift wrapping table, singing and a lot of good laughing 😅

~ ~ ~

The luncheon table

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

I completed the day with a supper of pasta with ink mushroom, cream, cheese, rosemary & cherry tomato. At the urging of Matteus, my eldest son, I also read Zacharias 🥣📖

~ Talk about the daily bread in all its forms ~

Good night little diary

2 reaktioner på ”The daily bread in all its forms… A perfect day!

  1. What beutiful mittens! I learned to make mittens about two years ago. I didn’t know how easy they are to make! May I ask what language your Bible is in? I believe you probably write your blog in your native language but WordPress translates it into English.



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