Covid. A means to divide

12/12-21 Sunday

9.30 am church bells are ringing. Calling its congregation to Sunday mass. It’s just 20 meters from our house but we’re not welcome. Because we’re afraid of injecting a strange and proven dangerous substance in to our bodies.

I don’t know really what to say about this…

Has humanity gone completely mad? yes it has. It’s not a thought, it’s fact.

It is written

~ I thank God that He taught me that the true church is not a building ~

Are humans no longer capable of making sound decisions and acting on them?

A matter of time

I amongst so many many others, are afraid of the future consequenses, the side effects, this will give those who blindly follow the current and allow themselves to be injected with unnatural substance just because the government says they should.

Because we care about our neighbors.

We really care. In the true sense of the word. Without an agenda.

Without any financial gain.

And without life-threatening side effects.

My family wear masks when in public places. On the bus, in stores etc. And let me tell you this. When traveling to the mainland and the bus is full, we’re the only ones wearing it. The mask. And in our bags we keep alcogel and we use it!

We’re not the threat. We’re being careful and we’re staying safe. We do all we can not to get infected and by that, not infecting anyone else.

We’re the ones keeping distance, we’re the ones wearing our expensive masks. We protect ourselves and our fellow human beings.

We’re not stupid.

We’re being careful.

We’re staying safe.

May God be the guiding truth in everyone’s life

We must not enter the house that men built. But it is we who pray.

Let us now gather in The Church Of Our Father


En reaktion på ”Covid. A means to divide

  1. I’m so sorry you can’t go to church because you won’t get that injection. I worry something like that may happen here in the U.S.A. Some places of employment may start requiring their employees to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. That’s so wrong!
    Well hang in there friend. You can worship at home. You can sing to the Lord and spend time reading His Word.



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