Christmas time

Sunday 26/12-21

Good third day of Christmas morning dear diary! It’s been a while since I last wrote 📖

~ ~ ~

It’s 5 Am and I have been up since 4. I’ve washed yesterday evening’s dishes, fed the cats, etc.. some small and easy chores. But at the moment I snuggle under a blanket, drinking my morning coffee in the light of the Christmas tree candles.

~ ~ ~

Outside is all quiet. The snow dampens all sound so pleasantly, and the open window lets in the cool air. True winter is finally here, it’s so cold outside and everywhere snow and frost sparkle like crystals.

Lovely early snowy morning view from my window

~ ~ ~

Thank you all for the Christmas cards, the pictures are so nice and give a warm feeling to the kitchen where they’re taped on the refrigerator door

Our Christmas Eve was quiet and unpretentious, what we missed was Matteus who by his faith does not celebrate Christmas and instead spent this weekend at the cottage.


I willingly confess, the nest feels a bit empty without him here. I miss his thoughts, voice and laughter. Our deep long conversations in the kitchen


~ ~ ~

As our visits to the hospital are many and thus the economy has shrunk significantly, me and my youngest are blessed to receive groceries from our church family once a week and we’re so thankful for that. This time the ladies filled our bag with beautiful holiday food such as their home cooked Christmas dishes, cookies and chocolate truffels.
We each got one hot plate and one cold with salmon, deviled eggs, pickled herring etc.
For the first time ever I tasted warm shredded holiday red cabbage made with syrup and spices. It was instant love, on a plate. 🥰 plus Christmas presents for the four of us! Isn’t that amazing?

Everything so well thought out and left me completely overwhealmed. God watches over us and provides always

~ ~ ~

Thanks to an appreciated and personal Christmas present, Eulalia and I were also able to do a little ourselves. Such as the Lucia saffron buns. And a Swedish traditional holiday potato & anchovy gratin. Cooked in the oven with dairy cream and topped with crisp crumbs. I took care of the peeling and Lalia did the shredding. A perfect division of labour ♥️. We were also given a Christmas red amaryllis flower. Beautifully wrapped in red paper and a green ribbon.

Gratin in becoming 💕

Mr Torbjörn brought minced meat for me to make traditional Swedish meatballs for the men 😊. For me and my daughter she made the same but from veggie mince.

The Mr worked all weekend and came to our house at 4 pm on Christmas Eve so we had dinner late and after opening our Christmas gifts 🎁♥️ we had a wonderful time!

~ ~ ~

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, an outdoor Christmas party was held in the deaconess garden. With a beautiful Christmas tree and gifts for all the younger children who were there with their families from the village

All love…
That’s me in the checkered skirt. And a bit blurry but my youngest can be seen a little to the left in the picture wearing a light brown hat. He’s so tall!

Everyone enjoyed Ann-sofie’s famous homemade rice pudding, ham sandwiches and pastries. Eulalia and I baked and brought a soft gingerbread house for the goodie table 🍭

Sprinkling powdered sugar on top of the gingerbread cake with the helping hands of our friend Kristina

We really had a nice time with the other families, the deacons and our pastor Lars.

the beautiful church looms in the background
My sweet daughter to the left next to friends. Watching the children play in the dark

We are truly blessed to have this church community, where we all together give and receive what we can and need 🙏🏼

~ ~ ~

It is now half past five in the morning, I have written for half an hour. It’s still quiet everywhere. The cat brothers Dwight & Sigge have fallen asleep after intense play

And for me it’s time to have breakfast. In the afternoon we will have Mr Torbjörn over for afternoon coffee and the rice pudding that is currently simmering in its pot on the stove.

~I wish you a contemplative & prosperous year!~



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