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2/1-22 Sunday

What can I say, happy heart happy dough 😊
Saffron buns decorated with sweet raisins. We make them rather small but they’ll rise so much in the oven
Lucia buns in the making ♥️
My own little lucia in her apron by the stove 💕
So cozy to bake whilst Christmas carols are played in the background

~ ~ ~

New year’s eve has never been a thing for me. Mr T was sick and home from work, we had planned to spend the evening at his but stayed home. We kept it quiet and simple ♥️

~ ~ ~

We made an early evening. Sound asleep securely tucked in our beds. At midnight we were awakened by completely hysterical fireworks just outside of us.

Okay yes, a new year on the timeline begins but disturbing other people and scare animals insanely is a disrespectful way to celebrate. This behavior is just another general part of the current world order, to act without thought, both in large and small. And to blindly follow the crowd. Doing things without reflecting over why. Please note that the fireworks I mention in this context ofcourse are something I count as part of the really small things.

Reflection is something many repress. The little voice inside. Who whisper about morality, consideration and responsibility, are given less and less space in our crazy world. It is, as many of us are aware of, already far back in time predicted and written in

The Scripture

The word

Ponder over this. Ponder and pray and follow the narrow beautiful path of light and feel how your life changes at an instant.

It’s real

There is so much love and it is given to you if you are willing to believe and recieve. I urge you to try. Do time prayers. Begin to pray or give thanks before going to bed, when you wake up at night, when you get up in the morning and pray during the day.

~ ~ ~

Don’t give up, keep on doing this even if you’re tired.

Again, it is real ♥️

~ ~ ~

Find the small things in life. Appreciate and praise them. Make them your priority. Do it quietly. This is where your eyes will open, where your heart will reach it’s potential and where you find the true inexhaustible cornucopia

~ ~ ~

Experiencing the simple things in life, it’s never-ending and completely free


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  1. Your posts are such a pleasure to read ❤️ I’ve been reading for awhile now, and was even part of your Facebook group so long ago. I look forward to the notification that you’ve written again! The way you live is so charming, a way I would love to live but it feels so impossible with the hustle & bustle here in America. You’re truly blessed ❤️

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