Saturday at the island

15/1-22 Saturday

After a really good night’s sleep I was woken at 5 AM by a hungry cat who called my attention by chewing on my hair and poking me with his paw 😅

After feeding Dwight and our newly adopted cat, it was time for today’s first time prayer. the so-called ”Officium Lectionis” which is often read during the night. It is so good to read slowly, to ponder every sentence

To really immerse oneself, to let the Words speak and to bathe spiritually in the text…

From my reading corner where I sit in the red velvet armchair, I look out the window up at the sky every time I read the sentence -Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And think of God omnipresent

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

I turned on the kettle and made my oatmeal and coffee. The morning was calm and pleasant. I worked for a while with pictures I have in the album. Later on while I was doing my morning yoga, I could see how the sun outside rose with a warm promising light. After a short rest it was time to make today’s (and tomorrow’s) super juice. This time from grapefruit and frozen orange, tangerine, bananas and church’s kale. Dried turmeric & goji berries. Fresh church brussel sprouts and ginger. A spoon of the powdered herbs I picked and dried in the fall, nettles, bishop’s elder and rose hips. We thought it might turn out a bit bitter but as I seasoned it with cinnamon, a sprinkle of vanilla and some stevia it was a pure delight to drink!

Pure green delight

~ ~ ~

It’s just me and Eulalia at home this weekend. We were out walking and found the first real sign of spring. A fine little specimen of Galanthus nivalis

~ ~ ~

In one of the village’s fantastic second-hand shops there is a cozy corner where coffee and homemade cakes are offered. We sat down and had ourselves a cuppa whilst looking at books. Places like this are one of the many perks of living in a small community. It’s impossible to go outside and not mention the fact at least once to each other.

She’s so into art

We strolled around a bit among the shelves and in the textile department I was so excited to find exactly what I was looking for. Pink vintage towels with a specific floral pattern, a new embroidered livingroom tablecloth and crocheted potholders. It’ll be the perfect complement to my homely spring decor!

There’s nothing like handmade

~ ~ ~

I’ll end today’s post by quoting a passage from the Book of time prayers:

”Holy God, you are our eternal light. Fill the whole world with your glory and reveal yourself to all people in him, who is the light of your light, your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, as with you, Father, and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns from eternity to eternity”

~ Amen ~

~ ~ ~


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