About me

Updated August 2021

Hi and welcome to my blog! 🤗
My name is Sol Viktoria. I’m swedish so pardon my English. I practice every time I write in this blog. I live on an island in the south east of Sweden.
I dare to say that I actually do belong in the kitchen. It is in the kitchen with my family around me that I have my heart.

From August 2020 to august this year 2021 I’ve had a break in writing and put a lot of time into re-evaluation and transformation. Deepening my relation with Our Lord. From a what I have realized it to be, search for personal confirmation through social media.

I got off the train that leads towards the competition in being seen as the perfect housewife.

The relatively new media phenomenon that in some places increasingly has become egocentric and commercial. By, amongst other things, product placements for the writer’s own gain and small-scale celebrity. In order to manipulate its readers in different ways to spend money like any other commercial company does. And in the same time gaining followers, readers a.k.a possible new sources of income.

By spending thousands of dollars on buying followers with fake accounts. Ghost accounts. And if you pay enough you can get ”followers, readers” with English names. Pay more and they ”like” your posts. Pay even more and the ghost follower leave sheering comments on your post. And by doing so getting the attention by even more paying advertising companies.

No matter how hard I could try to find it. There’s no similarity between these actions and being a traditional housewife. It’s actually pure evil. I will not be a part of that movement.

I urge you to contemplate. Deviate and step into the path of eternity

A lot has changed in our home also. Two has moved out, Mr Torbjörn as he both needed and so much deserves his own space. Our home is small. He lives nearby and we still counts as family. And my eldest son. So I now live together with two of my young adult children.

We have gone through difficult years of trauma in our family. Sexual abuse, domestic violence and more. Myself and my children. All of us left with a lot of PTSD. We’re continuosly working on recovering and focus is on finding our way back to life. It is going to take time and it’s now more important than ever to maintain our home as the calm and safe place.

As the name of the blog says I’m a housewife (or homemaker), there are only one Swedish word for a woman staying home and that’s housewife. Wheter she’s married or not. This means I work with our family and our home 7 days a week with everything I’ve got and as much as I can manage without breaking.

I’m so relieved and so grateful when I see one of us taking a step of healing and growth. I’ll write more about the past further on in the diary. Though it could be good to mention, for you who wishes to understand more about my thoughts and why I’ve made the life choices I have. That my own parents separated when I was 3 years old. Every new week for the rest of my childhood I was forced to move back and forth between two different homes.

For as long back as I can remember my mom treated me very badly and in horrible ways to a child, no matter the age. I wasn’t particulary loved by her.
I’m so thankful I had good grandmothers and still have a great father. Much because of these facts I’ve always had a strong longing ”of wanting to belong somewhere” and of having a safe home.

The above mixed with my grandmothers being excellent housewives. One of them just loved baking. She also loved me (I felt love from both of them).

My late and much missed grandmother Margit

Add my love of walking barefoot in the summer rain and this pretty much makes the picture of who I am.
I’m schooled. As a proffessionaly trained assistant nurse and certified body therapist. A big part of my grown life though I’ve been able to being a stay at home mom by studying on distance.

Nowadays in this time of our healing process it’s crucial for me to be home for my family, as for myself. I wouldn’t trade our becoming well-being for anything in this world 🌍 So yes I am a housewife. In every way.

Once a mom always a mom.
The law carved in stone

I’m writing about healing your soul through faith. And the intriguing matters of wanting to be a good, soft woman obedient to God. I’ll also write alot about the art of making magic in day to day life without financial means✨.

These two life-changers are not separate. They are one. A life in God is finding true miracles in what in the rushing-by world are often seen as obvious things that are’nt so much taken into account. But right there, in the creation, is precisely where a true life in God has its beginning, it’s foundation and where it all really happens.