About me

Hello and welcome to my blog! 🤗
My name is Sol Viktoria. I’m swedish so pardon my english I practice everyday 😅 please write and say if you find something in my language that seems a bit too crazy so that i can evolve and write better as this blog grows 🎀
I dare to say that I actually do belong in the kitchen. It is in the kitchen with my family around me that I have my heart.

I live with my 2 young adult children, in the south east of Sweden. We have gone thru difficult years of trauma in our family, we’re all recovering from it right now and focus is on finding our way back to life. It is going to take time and it’s now more important than ever to maintain our home as loving safe place.
As the name of my blog says I’m a housewife (or homemaker) which means I work with our family and our home 7 days a week. I’m also recovering from PTSD as do our children. Right now I though genuinly feel so blessed, when I see my loved ones heal and grow. I will write about the past later on in the blog.
One thing though that can be good to know for those who want to understand more about my thoughts and life choices is that my own parents separated when I was only 3 years old. And as long as I can remember my mother treated me very badly and in horrible ways to a child, no matter the age. I wasn’t particulary loved by her.
I’m so thankful I had good grandmothers and still have a great father, he’s a doctor.

Much because of these facts I’ve always had a strong longing for belonging and of a safe home. Here’s were my story begins. Mixed with my grandmother being an excellent housewife who just loved baking. She also loved me.
Add my love of walking barefoot in the summer rain and this pretty much makes the picture of who I am.
I’m schooled. As a proffessionaly trained assistant nurse and certified body therapist. A big part of my grown life though I’ve been able to being a stay at home mom by studying on distance. And nowadays in this time of our healing process it’s crucial for me to be home for my family, as for myself. I wouldn’t trade my familys becoming well-being for anything else in this world 🌍 So yes I am a housewife. In every way.

Im going to write about healing your soul thru faith and the intriguing matters of wanting to be a good, soft and obedient woman without being nothing like a door mat. It’s about the freedom of choice, freedom of equality, and the absolute right as a human and woman to choose ones own life. I’ll also write alot about the art of making magic in day to day life with not very high means at all ✨. So keep your eyes open as i happens to be a master in that subject 😉


You can also find more about me here instagram.com/thehousewife.design